Donate to Help First Presbyterian Church

There are many things that you can do to help with the various missions that FPC undertakes.

You can donate some of your time, your ideas, your energy, your expertise and skills, your prayers, your possessions, and even your money.

​On this page, there are several ideas for how you can donate to help the FPC mission.

Donate Your Time and Energy

FPC is involved with a number of different missions in Anchorage and Alaska that help people in our community. You can read more about them on our ​ Missions Page .

For many of these mission efforts, you can be involved. You can help in small ways (e.g., helping to bag rice for F.I.S.H.) and bigger ways (spending a night at the church with the Emergency Cold Weather Shelter), and many ways in between. A few hours helping with the Food Bank Box Build, or helping with the monthly service at the Anchorage Pioneer Home, can make a real difference in people’s lives in our community.

To become involved with FPC Missions, go to the Missions Page and get in touch with the contact person listed there for the particular mission you’d like to know more about. Or ask after the Sunday service.

Donate Your Ideas, Expertise and Skills

FPC has many opportunities to use your talents. You can help teach in the Sunday School, you can help with services as an usher, you can help with our church community as a deacon, you can help manage our church as a member of Session.

If you have building maintenance skills, or computer skills, or almost any other skill, it can be used to be of practical help.

Contact the Church Office and we can direct you to the best person to help you use your skills.

Donate Your Prayers

“You pray for the hungry. Then you feed them. That’s how prayer works”  –  Pope Francis

“The function of prayer is not to influence God, but rather to change the nature of the one who prays.”  –  Søren Kierkegaard

While we need to act to help people, prayer is an act of communion with God, to help advise and guide us in what we need to do. We don’t pray to make God do our will, but to give us the strength, courage, understanding and endurance to do God’s will.

You can pray anywhere and any time, by yourself or with others. You can join us for our regular Sunday morning services and pray there. You can ask Pastor Matt to pray with you or for you.

In the pews are green prayer request cards. You can fill out the details and drop the card in the collection plate. Pastor Matt will include your prayer in the Pastoral Prayer during the service, and in his daily prayers during the week.

Donate Your Money

You can donate money in many ways. You can put cash or a check into the collection plate on Sunday, or bring it to the office any time. You can even designate a specific use for that donation, if you wish, such as for the church Building Fund, or a specific mission, or a specific activity (e.g., the Emergency Cold Weather Shelter).

You can donate a part of your PFD to the church or to our missions. See our 50/50 Club page for more details.

You can donate on-line. Just click here to go to the church’s easytithe  web page. You can make a quick, one-off donation, or set up regular donations.

Money donated to the church helps our missions, but also helps support our church community and facilities. First Presbyterian Church employs people and maintains a facility for the good of our church community, as well as the wider community. Any help you can provide is gratefully appreciated.

Donate Your Possessions

In our efforts to help our larger community, FPC has opportunities for you to donate goods for specific missions.

Every month, we collect pasta for F.I.S.H. We collect food to support the Emergency Cold Weather Shelter, as well as our own church community (you can donate cookies for Sundays!).

At the start of the school year, we collect school supplies for those who cannot afford them. As winter approaches, we collect gloves, coats, socks and other warm clothing for those who need them. Towards the end of each academic semester, we collect food for our college students, so they can focus on studying for their finals, and know that we care about them.

The various missions we support also need clothing, food, and other donations, all the time. Contact them directly to help them.

Keep an eye out for opportunities to donate. There is always someone in need, someone you can help, someone who needs a glimpse of God’s love, conveyed through you.

Donate Stocks

FPC now has an on-line brokerage account, and can accept donations of stocks and shares.

Stock donations to the church are considered at the value of the stock on the day of the donation.  This can avoid tax on appreciation of the stock, while allowing a deducation at the current value of the stock. Check with your tax adviser.

If you would like to donate stock to the church, please contact the Church Office for details of the process, either by E-mail or phone .