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2018 Services

04 29 2018
04 22 2018
04 15 2018
04 08 2018
04 01 2018

2017 Services

Please be aware we were having some problems with our audio equipment in the middle of 2017, and this has led to some parts of some services being missed, or delays in getting services loaded, as they have to be manually edited. We apologize for this and will do our best to correct this and get the services available as soon as possible.

2016 Services

06 26 2016
06 19 2016
06 12 2016
06 05 2016
05 29 2016
05 22 2016
05 15 2016
05 08 2016
05 01 2016
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to see services from 2013 to 2015


First Presbyterian Church now records almost all services held in the Sanctuary. We avoid identifying people in the recordings, other than those mentioned in the service, as a means of helping privacy.

All the general services that are recorded are available through this website.

We record weddings and funerals, but these are not publicly available. They are reserved for the families involved. Baptisms take place during regular Sunday services, and can be heard in the regular recordings.
Note: This page is substantially complete for 2016 and 2017. Missing services and bulletins are most likely completely missing. Some services were not recorded.
Page last updated: 26th July, 2018.