Sudanese Services
Alaska Sudanese Community Church
Members of Anchorage's Sudanese community gather weekly for worship at First Presbyterian Church.
Several years ago, First Presbyterian began nurturing and encouraging Sudanese immigrants to Anchorage. This group recently formed the Alaska Sudanese Community Church.
Many members of this fellowship are war refugees from southern Sudan. The civil war in southern Sudanese raged on for the better part of 50 years and officially ended in 2005. As early as the 1990s, thousands were placed in the U.S. mainly in the Midwest. In the last few years, many have come to Anchorage to build a community.
Chairman:  Manding Bol
Services: 1-3 pm Sundays in the Chapel at First Presbyterian Church
Language: services are conducted in Nuer, a tribal language spoken in the southern region of Sudan
Congregation: This fellowship of Sudanese immigrants to Anchorage has between 80 and 90 regular attendees.
Alaska Sudanese Community Church